Sandwell Pest Control Services Ltd have been proudly serving customers in West Bromwich and across the Midlands for the past seven years. All of our technicians are qualified to BPCARSPH Level 2 Standards, we are also accredited members of the NPTA. We understand the dread and anxiety that a pest infestation can cause – seeing your home or business damaged by pests that can carry diseases harmful to humans and pets is a nerve-wracking experience. Therefore, we specialize in pest removal for homes and businesses, and offer special services to help our customers protect their property with bird-proofing and disinfectant treatments.

You can spot our vans parked on the streets and driveways of West Bromwich, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, and the surrounding areas, while our technicians work to restore the peace and quiet that has been disturbed by pests of all shapes and sizes.

The fantastic team at our pest control head office in Sandwell, conveniently located between the two large cities, keeps things running smoothly and ensures a qualified pest control technician is at your door as soon as possible.

Our services operate 24/7

All work 100% guaranteed

Pest control services made to suit any customer needs

Fully Qualified Technicians

For businesses and other organisations, we offer commercial contracts so that you can focus all your energy into providing the best services for your customers without having to worry about who to call if you notice unwanted guests at your premises. This is 24-hour pest control built for modern, busy businesses and homes.

Servicing Homes and Businesses Across the West Midlands.

If you suspect you have a pest infestation, our 24-hour pest control service will be your saviour. Our highly qualified technicians offer pest control West Bromwich, Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Wolverhampton, and Walsall, therefore no matter where you happen to be located in the West Midlands, there’s a Sandwell pest control technician right on your doorstep.

We offer 24-hour pest control West Bromwich as well as to the surrounding areas across the West Midlands on which our clients can safely rely. Pest control West Bromwich includes the following services:

Rat Removal

Mice Removal

Bee Nest Removal

Squirrel Pest Control

Ant Control Service

Wasp Nest Removal

Flea Fumigation

Bed Bug Treatment

At Sandwell Pest Control Services Ltd you can expect:

  • To talk to a professional Pest Control Technician
  • Our rapid response to solve your problem
  • A polite and friendly service and, most importantly
  • Minimum disruption while we remove the pests
  • Competitively priced work
  • Complete pest removal

Disinfectant treatments

When a pest infestation reaches high levels, it is accompanied by the increased risk of dangerous viruses and bacteria left over.

Standards & Safety

Sandwell Pest Control Services Ltd are a high-quality provider of pest control services in the West Midlands.

Commercial Contracts

We know first-hand the challenges that face businesses in the West Midland.

Bird Proofing

From pigeons to seagulls, birds are a pleasant sight in the sky but become a nuisance when they start using your business as a place to roost.


Our Core Services

When you’re looking for ‘pest control near me’, you want to be sure you can find a reputable business that has a great deal of experience to lend to your situation. At Sandwell Pest Control, we’ve worked hard to become one of the most trusted pest control companies in West Bromwich, Sandwell, as well as across the Midlands.

Our services are very broad and cover virtually every type of pest infestation.

Rat removal is one of the most common services we offer as part of our 24-hour pest control services, but if you have mice or squirrels that have entered your domestic or commercial property, we can help there, too. Regardless of the type of infestation present within your property, pest control West Bromwich, Sandwell, or pertaining to any other local area keeps you covered with all the latest equipment and know-how.

Our team of technicians offers such a wide range of skills that they enable us to provide solutions unmatched in success rates anywhere across the industry. Flea fumigation will ensure your home or business is rid of some of the hardest critters to remove, as a part of our wider solutions we also offer bed bug treatment and bee nest removal.

Lastly, ants remain a frustrating problem for both home owners and businesses. If you’ve tried to rid your house of ants but they continue to reappear, you may have a bigger problem on your hands. But don’t fear, because the team at Sandwell Pest Control know exactly how to put an end to ant infestations.

Why Choose Sandwell Pest Control?

We’re under no illusion – we know there are plenty of pest control companies to choose from, which is why we always go the extra mile to demonstrate how unique our service is.

Beyond our highly experienced, knowledgeable and approachable team, we operate from a number of beliefs, that have made us one of the most relied on pest control services in the West Midlands.

We operate around the clock, because we know that pests don’t work a 9-5 when they infest your home or business. Our work is also 100% guaranteed to give you ultimate peace of mind.

Therefore, we are able to provide pest removal and pest control services at prices that beat the competition hands down. What’s more, we always tailor our services to suit the individual needs of each customer. Over the course of 7 years of operation, we’ve learned that every scenario presents a different set of challenges and requirements, and we always ensure our services meet them head on.

If you’d like to discuss our pest control prices and huge range of services, contact our friendly team today on 0121 532 8354.