Why Are There Wasps In My House?

8th January 2018 No Comments

You swat them, you spray them, you even try to shoo them out an open window, but they keep coming back – wasps are a pest that no-one wants in their home. Seeing one is a nuisance, two an annoyance but when wasps keep appearing again and again, you’re left to wonder, why are there wasps in my house?

The stinging problem

Unlike their friendlier cousins, the bees, wasps have no issues with fiercely defending themselves when they feel threatened. Their stings – much stronger and more painful than that of bees – come in rapid successions against any threat, no matter the difference in size.

In nature they play an important role in the ecosystem, but wasps are a dangerous pest in your home, especially if you’re allergic to their sting. And one lonely scouts can quickly call out the hive to the new location that’s just perfect for a wasp nest.

Wasps are one of the most common pests we deal with, across the West Midlands, but to see where the problem starts, we need to take a closer look at how they infest your home.

How can wasps get into my house?

Wasps will use any opening to gain entry to your house, be it an open window, an ajar roof tile or even through your air conditioner. Once inside, they will look for food and any place suitable for building a nest to expand their territory.

But why do wasps even want to nest in an area that people already inhabit?

What are wasps attracted to?

The benefits of a home

Your home offers wasps an enticing combination of safety from the elements and other predators and a regular supply of food for themselves and their growing hive. This makes it an ideal place to settle down.


Dealing with the problem

Now that we’ve looked at what wasps are attracted to, it’s clear that these pests are there to stay unless you can evict them. But first, don’t panic! The question “How to remove wasps from my house?” is asked often enough that Google will often auto-complete it for you, so you’re not alone in dealing with this issue.

Second, you must decide if you’re willing to take the problem on yourself or if you’d prefer a specialist to handle it.

Getting rid of wasps can be dangerous work, and we offer 24/7 wasp nest removal service covering Birmingham, Wolverhampton and the whole of the West Midlands area – our certified pest control technicians are always just a call away.

Alternatively, there are several ways you can attempt wasp removal yourself. Specialized products, such as wasp traps can help mitigate the problem, but the key to a safe home is to remove the wasp nest itself. If you’re undertaking the work yourself, as this can be very dangerous without the proper protective equipment.

Make sure to approach the wasp nest at night, when they are dormant. And not during daytime hours when the wasp nest will be extremely active.

To avoid a repeat of the problem it’s a good idea to wasp-proof your home by making sure there aren’t any hidden entry points into your house and using wasp traps in rooms that can’t be completely closed off.