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While bees may be welcomed by farmers and bee-keepers in the countryside, they quickly become a nuisance when they make their home in and around your house.

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A bee nest in the house or in your loft can become a danger to your family and the people nearby if any of them suffer from an allergy to bee stings. Cases like this are where you would look into bee nest removal.

There are four types of bees that you can encounter:

  • Mining bees,
  • Masonry bees,
  • Honeybees and
  • Bumblebees.

All types of bees are relatively non-aggressive, but their hives can pose a problem when they appear on your property.

Their sheer numbers can quickly become a nuisance for homeowners and their removal can be tricky without the right equipment.

If undisturbed, a honeybee hive can reach 60,000 members and bumblebees can make nests of 400 if living conditions are right. Masonry bees are most likely to lay eggs in wood-based wall cavities and usually lay eggs in or around mud.

Due to the decline of the bee population over the last years, our technicians do everything in their power to relocate the bees to nearby parks or nature reserves. We only perform exterminations in rare cases where the hives are impossible to move.

How we can help

Using the proper safety equipment, our qualified pest control technicians will identify the locations of the bee nests and relocate them to a suitable location whenever possible. Our bee treatment solution is safe and effective, and we offer a same-day removal to solve your bee problem as soon as possible.

Bee removal in a nutshell

A rapid-response service ensures that a technician will be at your address as soon as possible to remove the bees and their hives from your property. We offer a money-back guarantee if the bees return.

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