Mice Removal and Mice Control

Mice Removal Throughout Sandwell and The West Midlands

Mice are commonly found in fields and parks, but when they enter your home, they can quickly become a pest. Mice tend to be more active than rats, making them easier to spot,and are unlikely to burrow in your garden, but they still cause problems by damaging your home and property, and carrying disease that may harm you or your pets.

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Typical warning signs of mice in your house or business are:

• Mice droppings, about ¼” in size,
• Signs of chewing on pipes, cables and furniture,
• Sounds of scratching from walls and under floorboards,
• Urine ‘pillars’ – small mounds of urine, dirt and mouse hair,
• Entrance holes to nests, about 20mm in diameter.

If you spot any of the warning signs above, we recommend getting in touch with our team as soon as possible. After all, what might appear to be a small issue at first may quickly
escalate if left unattended.

How does the Sandwell mice removal service work?

The exact method of mouse removal will depend on the severity of the problem, but will
generally start with an inspection of your property, followed by a comprehensive mice
treatment program to remove the pests. We will also advise you on prevention to help
ensure that the problem doesn’t repeat itself.

Mice removal cost should also be fair, which is why we operate with a transparent tariff that ensures you know exactly what you’ll be paying whenever mice need to be removed from your property.

We’re mouse removal experts based in West Bromwich, Our Mice removal services cover Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Oldbury, Smethwick, Walsall, Sutton Coldfield.  In fact we cover all of the West Midlands therefore if you’d like to chat to an expert about the service to discover exactly how it works, we recommend getting in touch. We’ll answer any questions you might have and provide advice based on your unique

How we can help

After inspecting the property for mice that may be hiding behind walls and other hard to reach places, our professional pest control technicians will work to remove the rodents from your home. Then they will advise you on proofing solutions to keep your home clear of mice in the future.

Finding a local mice removal expert isn’t easy, but with Sandwell’s years of experience and highly dedicated team, you can be assured of a guaranteed Mice removal service that is professional, trustworthy and highly cost effective.

Most importantly, we provide our mice removal services around the clock. If you need mice removal 24/7 (and, let’s be honest, mice don’t clock watch like the rest of us), Sandwell are the company to call.

For the past seven years, we’ve been proudly providing our services across the West Midlands and in that time, have set ourselves apart as an approachable, knowledgeable business that should always be your first port of call if you experience pest infestation of any kind.

Mice control in a nutshell

To fully remove the mice from your home, we will conduct an eradication program with at least 3-visits. Once all the rodents have been removed, we offer a 2-month guarantee on our work.

How much does mice removal cost?

We work on a fair, transparent basis when it comes to pricing, because we understand that mice removal isn’t something any home or business budgets for.

If you need a company that is used to getting rid of mice, our mice control team will do so
safely, efficiently and without breaking the bank.

Where do we visit?

We provide mice control services across the West Midlands. Our fully trained team can visit any business or home located in Birmingham, and provide mice removal in Sutton Coldfield, Wolverhampton, Walsall, West Bromwich and Sandwell.

However, if your location isn’t listed about, we still recommend getting in touch, because there’s a good chance we can get to you. Just call our friendly pest control services team today on 0121 532 8354. We’ll answer any questions you might have and provide you with an affordable solution that will rid your premises of mice for good.