Fleas and Flea Removal

Flea Fumigation Services Throughout Sandwell and The West Midlands

Fleas are a common concern for most pet owners, but keeping your pets protected from them is not always enough, as there are many different kinds of fleas, including ones carried by birds. Fleas in your house are a pest that not only attack pets but are happy to attack humans as well. Most often, they can be found in the parts of your house where your pets spend most of their time, hiding in any areas that offer protection, be it furniture, carpets and of course the pets themselves.

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Some of the warning signs of a flea infestation are:

  • Changed behaviour in your pets, with unusual scratching or licking
  • Hair loss on pets and their gums going pale
  • Finding actual flees on your pets
  • ‘Flea dirt’, or small specs of dried blood
  • Rashes, red spots and itching if you’ve been bitten.

Most flea problems can be resolved by specialised products for your pets and by using flea treatment products on your furniture, but when that is not enough we can offer a flea treatment to remove the fleas from your home.

How we can help

We will determine the scale of the infestation and suggest the best options for flea removal. Then our professional pest control technicians will work to remove the fleas and advise on how to keep your home flea-free in the future.

Flea removal in a nutshell

We offer a comprehensive service to remove fleas from your home, followed by a 2-month guarantee during which we will make a free visit should the pests return.