Service Standards & Safety

All our services are performed by highly trained professionals to ensure that the inhabitants or users of the building can return to the property once the service in complete

Sandwell Pest Control Services Ltd are a high-quality provider of pest control services in the West Midlands. Working in the cities of Birmingham, Wolverhampton and the surrounding areas, we specialise in removing pests from your home or business for a competitive price and offer additional services for long-term protection of your property from pests of all shapes and sizes.

Our pest control services operate 24/7

All work 100% guaranteed

Pest control services made to suit any customer needs

Fully Qualified Technicians

We realise that a pest infestation is a traumatic experience that presents a health hazard for the occupants and users of the infected building. Nothing can spoil your days and evenings as well as having pests causing damage to your property and posing a threat to the people inside. Many pests, such as mice, rats and birds, can carry diseases that spread to humans through direct contact or by accidental contact with their urine and droppings. Other pests, such as fleas and bed bugs can pose a danger through sheer aggression towards the inhabitants of the house and can be very difficult to remove once they have had time to settle into their new home. Finally, ants, bees, and wasps can be problematic thanks to their numbers and territorial behaviour. Our pest control services comply with service standards to ensure the safety of property occupants while providing a speedy and efficient resolution.

DIY and off-the-shelf commercial products might be the first option you try when dealing with an infestation, but these are rarely up to the required pest control standards and may do little else other than aggravate the pest population. A professional exterminator meeting pest control safety and standards is a sure-fire way to guarantee removal.

We strive to dispatch out qualified pest control specialists to your property as soon as possible. For emergency situations, we are available 24-hours a day.
With a long tradition of serving the Sandwell area and recently expanding to Birmingham and Wolverhampton, we build our reputation on the satisfaction of clients ranging from individual households to large corporations. We stand by our services and are happy to offer guarantees on most of our work to ensure your property will be pest-free once our technicians leave.


Due to being such a delicate service, it’s vital that the company you employ meets all of the pest control standards in providing their services. Through the solutions we deliver, all necessary measures are taken to ensure the safety of our specialists, customers, and any pets or other animals that aren’t the target of our services. As a fully professional UK pest removal company, we use only approved pesticides and insecticides, licensed by the Control of Pesticides Act 1980, that are designed to remove pests as quickly, efficiently, and ethically as possible.

The pest treatments we perform are done in a humane way, with minimum impact on the environment and we will always advise you beforehand on what services we will provide and why we have selected those in particular. All our services are performed by highly trained professionals to ensure that the inhabitants or users of the building can return to the property once the solution has been delivered in the knowledge that the pests have been removed and that our treatment will leave no ill effects for humans, pets or the environment.