Wasps and Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp Nest Removal & Control Throughout Sandwell and The West Midlands

Unlike their friendlier relatives, the bees, wasps are highly aggressive pests that don’t hesitate to sting when guarding their nests or when provoked, making them a hazard to the people in the house and nearby. While wasps are helpful by eating other insects that we find annoying, the problem comes from the wasp’s sting, which is particularly painful and can lead to complications if the person stung is allergic to the sting. The number of wasps in a single colony can quickly grow to 10,000.

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Wasps often make their homes in any shielded area in your house, most often in the loft, but they can also be found in sheds and any other places that offer some protection from the elements.

The main differences between wasps and bees are:

  • Wasps are larger than bees, but have proportionally slimmer bodies,
  • They are more brightly coloured,
  • Bees have hairier bodies,
  • Wasps can sting multiple times while bees cannot.

Wasps can present a serious problem and one that should be left to professional to handle as their aggressive behaviour can lead to the wasps in the nest attacking in a group when provoked.

How does wasp removal work?

Wasps most often invade homes in groups and, if left to their own devices, make a home on your property from which more wasps will breed over the coming months.

We will work quickly to find the best option for wasp removal and advise you on what steps to take for a comprehensive wasp control solution.

Finding a local wasp removal expert, you can rely on to leave your home or business completely free of these little critters isn’t easy, but if you’re based in the West Midlands, Sandwell Pest Control have you covered.

How we can help

Our professional wasp exterminators will inspect your home for wasp nests in and around your home or business, then they will take appropriate measures to remove the wasps and their nests from your premises.

As wasp infestations can happen quickly and present a serious issue, we will strive to get the specialists to you on the same day.

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Wasp control in a nutshell

Our wasp control treatment is a rapid-response, same-day service that removes wasps from your property as soon as possible. We offer a money-back guarantee should the wasps reappear.