Pest Control for Hotels and Restaurants

5th December 2018 No Comments

Commercial Pest Control – Hotels and Restaurants.


Running a busy hotel or restaurant is more of a vocation than a job. Long hours and late nights can leave little time for the small things and, unfortunately, in some cases vital pest control tasks can be accidentally forgotten leading to an infestation. A commercial pest control contract is simple way to take the worry out of having unexpected visitors to kitchens and guests rooms.

Cockroaches are the number one pest that spring to mind when talking about poor hygiene in food processing and food service areas. Cockroaches will feed on anything that humans will eat, as well as some additional snacks, such as cardboard and leather. Cockroaches don’t make people sick through bites but, by leaving disease behind on food which people then eat. Some of the common diseases include Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria which can cause significant levels of sickness and in some cases result in hospitalization. Other side effects include triggering asthma and other allergic responses in certain people. A preventative treatment is to disinfect areas using a combination of certified biocides, specifically designed to neutralize harmful organisms. Using this treatment, it’s possible to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and germs. If the area where food is kept is clean and regularly disinfected, as part of a commercial pest control contract, cockroaches, ants and other undesirable insects, likely to cause contamination, won’t be as attracted to your kitchen or bedrooms.

If you’re not afraid of mice then they can seem cute however, most people don’t find them very endearing. Mice will leave a trail of expensive damage in hard to reach places around pipes and behind walls, as they’ll use whatever materials are available to them to line their nests. Mice also carry disease on their feet and, because they’re small, they can spread infection from bathrooms and into bedrooms. As they’re difficult to get rid of, making sure you have access to an expert in mice removal is essential.

Other types of ugly pests associated with hotel and guesthouse rooms are fleas and bedbugs. Bedbugs feed on warm blood and hotel guests can unwittingly become an ideal meal. The face, hands and feet are a firm favorite to source warm blood from and, the bites cause skin rashes and itchy bumps. Although bedbugs are most usually associated with mattresses, they can also set up home in upholstered furniture, such as sofas and chairs which would normally be found in hotel rooms. Fleas require fumigation for removal and this process is typically obvious as infected areas need to be completely sealed off and unused, which can add the extra strain of lost revenue. If you suspect that these little pests have taken up residence, then calling in the experts is the best and most sensible option. You can creep out in front these critters by speaking to your local pest control, your experts will work with you to make sure that your business and guests are fully protected. Sometimes just one pest related incident can cause long term damage to a hard-won reputation and hurt business badly.